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Logos Retirement – 403(b) Church Plan

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Logos Retirement – 403(b) Church Plan

Welcome to the Logos Retirement - 403(B) Church Plan established by Calvary Chapel Escondido (CA) with the assistance of Eagle Retirement Plans, Inc.

The partnership that Eagle Retirement Plans has with Richard Raher, Former Administrative Pastor of CC Escondido (now called Cross Connection Escondido), has allowed for the formation of a retirement plan designed specifically for independent, non-denominational churches.

We specialize in individual and group 403b plans. Our desire is to help the small (or not so small) independent, non-denominational churches receive the same benefits and retirement plan choices as the large denominations while maintaining their independence.

Logos Retirement is a comprehensive retirement program available to all church employees - pastors, support staff, school and bookstore personnel, etc.

The Logos Retirement Plan offers more than just retirement investments. It provides all employees with access to full retirement and estate planning services.

By joining the Logos Retirement Church Plan you can participate in a retirement plan that is designed to help every church employee save for retirement.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to see the Logos Retirement 403b Church Plan Flyer.

For a complete presentation of the Logos Retirement - 403(b) Church Plan, including a prospectus, call Doug Eagle at (661) 257-9800 or e-mail him at

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