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Groups Overview

Eagle Retirement Plans, Inc. offers comprehensive retirement planning for groups. We specialize in helping public, private, and non-profit employers design and manage cost-effective retirement plans.

For three decades, Eagle Retirement Plans has repeatedly demonstrated an impressive degree of expertise and versatility. We bring exceptional experience and counsel to coordinating and simplifying your investments.

We develop a flexible roadmap to help you navigate the investment world in this time of constant change. Our proprietary process provides a framework for in-depth strategic analysis while allowing the flexibility needed to bring creativity and new thinking to each plan.

Our Consultation services provide truly independent advice by assisting you with selecting just the right retirement plan provider for your group’s particular needs. This independent approach maximizes the specialization that we are able to offer.

We not only help in the selection process, but also in monitoring and benchmarking your plan to numerous other plan providers and service models.

RFP & Benchmarking

Eagle Retirement Plans maintains an in-house RFP/Benchmarking Department dedicated solely to performing provider searches and fee benchmarkings for our plan sponsor clients.

Our proprietary database of providers corresponds to our patent-pending Investment Due Diligence system, enabling us to offer plan sponsors a streamlined consulting solution driven by both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Because fees and services do not exist within a vacuum, we also analyze the investment opportunities of each bidding provider to ensure a balanced analysis.

Expertise in Action

Our team of RFP analysts performs hundreds of searches every year. On an ongoing basis, we proactively meet with providers to stay abreast of product enhancements and participate in due diligence site visits for first-hand knowledge of each provider’s competitive advantages.

As a testament to our process, over 250 other plan advisors use our system to perform searches for their plan sponsor clients.

Selecting Plan Providers

Because we have vast experience with all providers in the marketplace, we are able to consult your committee in terms of who would likely benchmark well against your incumbent, given the size and complexity of your plan and the existing demographics.

Potential bidders should exhibit a commitment to the marketplace, product and service excellence, delivery system compatibility, and finally, demographic matching.


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